My goal is to help people lessen the stress they have around money and find ways to work towards living a more financially free existence. I provide you with tips to develop a healthy relationship with money. The goal is getting rid of any negative thinking you have about it and looking at it as a tool to use to fulfill your life purpose. Use money to your advantage & have it work for you.

Online services available: Personal debt reduction plans, budget planning, goal planning, financial coaching services. Please contact for pricing.

About Me: I have a B.S. in Applied Economics from Farmingdale State College. In addition, I have taken Accounting courses and Finance courses at the University of Maryland University College. In 2019, I will begin the process of obtaining my AFCPE certification (Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education).I am passionate about helping people reduce their debt and develop healthy saving & spending habits.

*Please note: I offer services to help you understand your personal money habits/behaviors. The goal is to develop personal plans to reduce debt and set you on a path of having a positive net worth. I am not an advisor and DO NOT offer investment options or suggest investments where there are risks involved. Please see a certified financial planner or a financial advisor for services involving investing your money.